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Sale Branding

Coastal View & Moor News
May 2023

Coastal View is produced as a Tabloid sized Newspaper and the pages are proportionately designed.  The newspaper is displayed as flip page issue which can be zoomed and readable on any screen.

Advertisement Price 

1/16 Page... £15
1/8   Page..... £25
¼ Page....... £50
½ Page....... £80
Full Page.... £125

Artwork Dimensions

Full page = 330mm x 265mm
1/2 page = 160mm x 265mm
1/4 page = 160mm x 130mm
1/8 page = 80mm x 130mm
1/16 page = 80mm x 62.50mm

All dimensions are complete image sizes and will be surrounded by white gutters and margins within the newspaper layout.
Complete artwork should be submitted in PDF file format

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